“Funny and charming… Make time for this one!”

-Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times


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Printable TiMER Press Notes

Download the latest copy of the TiMER press notes: | link |



Interview with Emma Caulfield by Elizabeth Snead.

[Please click this link to watch the video interview.] | link |



Interview with Writer/Director Jac Schaeffer (TFF ‘09) | link |

Staten Island Advance

Elisa McIntosh interview with Writer/Director Jac Schaeffer

for a story about relationships | link |

TFF ’09: Faces of the Festival – Emma Caufield

TFF interview with Emma Caufield, including ridiculously

funny stories from the set of TiMER | link |

TFF ’09: Women Filmmakers

Selections from the Genna Terranova interview, including

Writer/Director Jac Schaeffer | link |


Elle: Street Chic | link |

Pop Sugar | link |

TFF ’09 Portrait Studio | link |

World Premiere / Red Carpet

• Film Magic | link | • Getty Images | link | • INF | link |

• Nacho Foto | link | • REX | link | • Zimbio | link |


NY1 News

Director Jac Schaeffer featured on NY1 broadcast prior to the world premiere | link |

CW 11

Emma Caufield appeared on the PIX 11 Morning Show on April 28th, 2009 | link |

Tribeca Talks: Directors as Writers

Panel discussion including Jac Schaeffer and other 2009 Tribeca Film Festival writers/directors | link |


TFF ‘09: Jac Schaeffer Director’s Bio

Video bio covering the making of TiMER | link |

TFF ‘09: Film Guide – TiMER

Tribeca’s TiMER page, featuring trailer, clips, etc | link |


Gary Goldstein, LOS ANGELES TIMES (Online)

“Funny and charming… Make time for this one!” | link |

Lindsay Soll, MTV.COM

“Our EXCLUSIVE ‘Timer’ Clip Finds Emma Caulfield Turning To A Matchmaker To Find Love” | link |

Jarett Wieselman, NEW YORK POST.COM

“Emma Caulfield: I believe in lust at first sight” | link |

Aaron Hillis, LA WEEKLY (Online) | link |

Scott Thill, WIRED.COM

“Timer Ticks Down Love in the Time of TMI” | link |

Geoff Berkshire, METROMIX.COM

“Three out of five stars” | link |

Jerry Cavallaro,

“This film is proof that there are still some original ideas out there.” | link |


The Film Snob,

“If I didn’t already know this was an independent film, I would have sworn it was a studio production.” | link |


The Screenwriters League

“What makes the movie so enjoyable is that, while it brings up many interesting questions such as “would you want to know?”

… it never loses sight that it’s a romantic comedy.” | link |


Talia Page,

“With a topic as cliche as true love and soul mates, and a soggy genre such as the romantic comedy,

this film had every opportunity to become generic and predictable, but it absolutely did not!” | link |


Larry Richman,

“Poignant, intriguing, and hilarious!” | link |