6 Reasons You Need Field Service Management Software

Managing a field service industry requires paying attention to and gathering quite a bit of data to determine overall performance success. Below are six reasons your company needs field management software to help capture the needed information easily.

1. A Growing List of Dissatisfied Customers

It can be frustrating for management to handle an increasing number of dissatisfied customers without knowing what is going on out in the field. There are times that customers are so irate that they will not say exactly what has angered them and you stand to lose what may be a regular client. Field management software will track the details of each job and give you an insight as to what the problems might be. It offers a way to make needed changes to service.

2. High Job Cancelation/Reset Rate

It is not unusual for clients to get busy and run into unexpected problems. Job cancelations and requests for new appointment dates happen every day. It can be alarming if this activity steadily increases. It can be a sign that there are problems leading to serious dissatisfaction with the service your company provides.

3. Unusually High Fuel/Labor Costs

Looking out for the bottom line of the company finances is an important task entrusted to management. Estimating of costs with fuel and expected labor for each job is one way to plan for a budget. When these costs begin to skyrocket, with little-added results in revenue, there may be a field service problem that needs to be explored. Field management software allows you to track every aspect of trip expenses and labor costs. You can quickly see where there may be waste happening and resolve the problems right away.

4. Repairs Take Multiple Trips

When critical information is not passed along to the technician, it may lead to multiple trips in order to get one job done. They may be lacking tools, parts, or invoice numbers that have to be retrieved. This increases labor and fuel costs exponentially.

5. Consistent Errors in Job Detail Notes

Using consistent language and communication methods to relay the particular notes of each job allows for more accurate tracking of overall service performance. This benefits the company in being able to justify each hour spent in the field.

6. Difficulties Gaining Repeat Business

Losing the ability to gain repeat customers can be a huge sign that there is a field service problem. Field management software can give you a broad picture of the overall service provided and help detect little problems before they develop into issues that cost clients.

Tracking details with field service is a sensible way to stay on top of customer care and concerns. Maintaining good communication and understanding what is happening will provide better customer satisfaction and retention.

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