4 Ways on How to Enable Quality Seal Integrity

Leak detecting is one of the most important processes in most food company’s product line. The process ensures quality control to products thus leading to a long life to the product. Compromising the process eventually leads to loss of protective atmosphere in the package and as a result, the product or rather the food’s longevity will be at stake. Most food companies have therefore found it important to introduce seal integrity as an element for their products final quality control. This is to avoid the costly returns that can be encountered by poor leak detecting of goods. The only way to ensure quality leak detection is by introducing various available methods, and leak detection equipment such as; a package leak detection equipment among others.

Leaking of packages during packaging is not always intentional, but can be as a result of various reasons. For instance, during the packaging process, small food particles that are being packed may fall between the tray and the seal and eventually cause poor sealing. This on the other hand, allows the movement of air in and out of the package, hence the protective atmosphere is lost. Likewise, there can be an unfortunate misalignment of the heating element that creates the thermal seal, and due to this, the pressure duration and heat applied to the seals is insufficient. This then leads to the comprise of seal integrity. Proper leak detection equipment should be accurate and quick to detect any leak at any given time.

#Ways of Testing Seal Integrity

Package leak detection equipment- this is an outdated package leak detection process whereby, the package is placed in a water bath leak detector. Vacuum is then created as the package is sealed to draw out air. Afterward, head space gas occurs within the package as a result of the reduced pressure in the water bath. This causes bubbles to occur signifying that the products seal integrity has been breached, and immediately, it is repackaged among others.Dan sensors package leak detection program offers different types of leak detection procedures such as the online and offline leak detector systems.

1. On Line Leak Detector System

On line leak detector system enables automatic package leak detection in assistance with leakmatic 2 leak detectors. The leak detector is huge enough to accommodate and test transport boxes for integrity. The leakmatic 2 is recommended at the end of the packaging line for its ability to test proof a wide range of products at a go.

2. Off-Line Leak Detector System

Off-line leak detector system enables leak detection whereby, after inserting the sealed products in a testing chamber, it monitors the level of carbon monoxide that might be available the leak detectors chamber. After wards, the seal integrity is confirmed.

3. Dry Chamber Flexible Package Testing

Dry chamber flexible package testing is Morley for packages with liquid content. There is little headspace within the package. Here, the package is placed in a particular chamber on a paper towel that acts as an absorbent. If the towel is wet at the end of the test after the vacuum is withdrawn to the chamber, then the package seal is imperfect.

4. The Attitude Simulation Test Method

The attitude simulation test method is mainly applied to goods with untrustworthy attitude levels. Air traveling and grounds consisting mountain ranges can be very high in attitude level. This method is therefore highly recommended in these cases. The process includes processing of sealed goods through certain chambers. The chambers might be wet or dry depending on the contents of the packages and is therefore processed through the analysis of vacuum and attitude simulation chart.

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